Vote 2008 It’s Your Power

I received a call from my middle daughter this morning. She was standing in a two hour line to vote. I praised her for making the effort. She said, “You’re the one that taught me, Mom. You said it didn’t matter who I voted for as long as I vote. I have to vote.”

I was struck silent. Yes, I was hearing what my father told me over and over as a child. He was in three wars and believed in our right to vote. He always said it is the only real power we have and he never, ever missed voting.

Today I took my nine year old daughter and we walked a mile to the voting place. She was allowed to come in and watch me cast my ballot. When we were finished, she was given a voting sticker too. I looked at her and knew I had passed on the message that was given to me.

My father actually gave more than most of us so others could vote. In World War II, he fought during D-Day. In Korea, he saw combat. By the time he went to Vietnam, he was a mechanic for the fighter jet engines and did not see action. But in all cases he served his country.

What have we taught our children? They are watching us.

So my message today is to vote. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. I don’t care just exercise your right. You owe to men and women like my father, who have put in an effort to preserve our freedom. Voting is the one power we truly have, even when we feel like we’re not making a difference.

Brave the lines and vote.

One thought on “Vote 2008 It’s Your Power

  1. Amen!! I voted early this morning. But our line was only 35 mins. I gotta a feeling it will be a long night. I got my warm blanket and my Fox News all ready. 🙂

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