A New Year

Ah, the new year is here. Each year I heap goals upon myself that I know I will not meet. So, this year I gave myself permission to look at 2008 and see what I’ve accomplished. Through this introspection, I have begun to see a path for this year. I know I must live my life with creativity. This means every part of my life, not just the writing part. How does one live with creativity? That is a hard question. For me, it means taking time to just be. Have you ever just allowed yourself to be? It’s pretty hard to do.

Being is listening, remaining still and attentive to what is going on around you. I think being is the key ingredient to one’s art. If we are lacking this, or neglecting the state of mind, in some way, we are bound to come to a halt in our art.

While allowing myself to just be in the past week, I found an idea for a new body of work. It is a scary idea that I would never allow myself without stillness. For fear of draining it, I will keep quiet at this time.

I plan on allow myself a retreat this year. I don’t know how this will happen, but I trust that it will. Do you have any ideas on your new year. Please feel free to share.

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