Who Gets Their Hands Dirty Nowadays

What are we willing to do to make a difference in the world? Recently I was thinking about why I attend my church. Was it the music? Was it the people? Was it the sermons? While all of the above things are wonderful, I realized one reason I was led to be at this church was the congregation’s passion. They reach out to the community through many different means. I’m drawn to give through their example. I’ve gone past that place in my life where I talk politics with a fervor. I now realize–maybe it’s age–that talk just doesn’t cut it. You can discuss an issue into the ground without change. What brings about different circumstances is stepping one foot in front of the other until I’m outside the door. Making a difference takes a lot of hot sweaty work. It requires one to step outside her box. So, I decided to open my door and step outside and offer my writing skills and journaling class to my local homeless women’s shelter. I’m now waiting for their decision on whether to allow me to come into their world. You see these fifty women are picky about who they let into their lives. They stay in a shelter started by a recovering drug addict, who decided to give back the grace God showed him. He is walking his talk.

The shelter allows only sincere, committed doers into their lives. These women have set their standards high in one of the toughest times when its to except whatever. They don’t have time to discuss the president’s proposed health plan as I was yesterday. Their lives reveal the misuse of overstated politics. Life for these ladies is real and down to earth each day.

I’ve come to realize it is so easy for me to form an opinion on what is right for this country and quite another thing to act on this opinion with the same fervor. It is time for me to really walk my talk.

If everyone reading this decided to act on their heart, what kind of difference would we make? No, we won’t carve out the new health care plan, but maybe. just maybe we will allow one person to see a doctor, read a book, go to a job interview, feel good about who he or she sees in the mirror.

Whose life are you willing to touch? I challenge you to walk your talk!


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