Not What I Thought It Would Be

  Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford surprised me. The book begins from William Eng, a Chinese American boy, who lives in an orphanage in 1934 Seattle. Now anyone who knows me, knows I love the Depression Era and I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle. This is the classic story of orphaned boy thinking maybe his mother really didn’t die. Twelve-year-old William sets out with his friend Charlotte, who is blind, to find his mother. He believes a rising silver screen star, Willow Frost, is her. I was reminded of a classic middle school book, Bud, Not Buddy–one of my favorite reads with my daughter. But boy was I wrong. The plot took an unexpected turn–and you know I love unexpected turns. William confronts Willow Frost and the novel switches to her point of view for most of the book. We learn this quiet, elegant, woman’s intriguing  story. Ford is a master at writing from a woman’s point of view. Beautiful. The research is outstanding. This is my first book by Mr. Ford, and I know I will read his first. I strongly suggest you buy Songs of Willow Frost for any book junkie out there this holiday season.

I hope all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Me, I’m snuggled in with a right fine book by Michael Farris Smith called Rivers. Watch for the review. 


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