Ghost On Black Mountain

Ann Hite Author of Ghost On Black Mountain
Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster




“Will intrigue readers eager for a Southern Gothic tale, and suggests a promising future for the Black Mountain novels to come.”Publisher’s Weekly

“Multiple female narrators add dimension and perspective to Hite’s first novel, and the sightings and visits from the spirits are often appropriately eerie . . . [An] artfully woven tale.” Library Journal

“[Ann Hite] twists folklore with the genres of Southern Gothic, paranormal and literary fiction like a fine, fat pretzel, a guilty pleasure after midnight . . . A richly layered tale of haints, hoodoo and heebie-jeebies, mayhem and murder, love and betrayal.”Alabama Mobile Register

“Hite paints a loving portrait of rural mountain life in the early twentieth century, and characters are nuanced and true”–Atlanta Magazine

“And while this book is a ghost story, at its heart, it is the story of five women, their choices and the consequences of those choices.”  —Hattie’s Books (Brunswick, Georgia)

“The inhabitants of Black Mountain live side-by-side with the spirits of the dead, throw spells and dig for treasure, solve their problems with careful alliances and the occasional murder. This is a story where the spookiness of a mountain village comes to life through gritty characters whose feelings and motivations seem all too similar to our own. Ann Hite captures their voices so well, you’d swear they’re whispering into your ear. “Ghost on Black Mountain” is captivating.”

-Rebecca Coleman author of The Kingdom of Childhood and Heaven Will Fall

“Haunting, dark and unnerving, Hite’s brilliant modern gothic casts an unbreakable spell.”

–Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You

The authentic voice of Nellie Pritchard, who comes to Black Mountain as a new bride, wraps around you and pulls you deep into this haunted story. Ann Hite delivers an eerie page-turner that I couldn’t put down.

–Joshilyn Jackson, NYT bestselling author of gods in Alabama and Backseat Saints.

Pull up a rocker and gaze into the hills at sundown. Old-time front porch storytelling unfolds in this dark, twisted tale where hardscrabble lives, murderous secrets, and ghosts intersect on a mysterious mountain.

Beth Hoffman, bestselling author of Saving CeeCee HoneycuttNew paragraph

Ann Hite’s Ghost On Black Mountain is an eerie page-turner told in authentic mountain voices that stick with the reader long after the story ends.

–Amy Green author of Bloodroot

Ghost On Black Mountain released by Gallery Books an imprint of Simon & Schuster September 13, 2011.

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